When Quality Matters

At Celarius we focus on helping our customers with demanding and difficult QA projects. We solve problems in our customers business critical environments where others may fail.

We can provide a whole-scale service, including everything from hosting the systems, in-depth testing of performance, security, monitoring hardware and software and producing detailed analysis of the results and bottlenecks.

Performance Testing/Engineering is more than merely causing massive traffic to a site with simple tools or stressing an application until it breaks. We prefer to call it a science. The real business value lies in testing the performance of your web services or applications with simulated real user behavior, combined with in-depth analysis of why the problems occurred when they did.

Our expert consultants have years of experience and their core competences lie in combining business processes, user behavior and performance testing into a whole-scale testing service that actually brings added business value.

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Do you know?

100% condfident about your technology?

Ever wondered how well your site performs?

How many concurrent clients can you support?

What happens when your site maxes out?

What causes your slow response times?

Is your Database acting up?

The reality of it

When you think about it, real quality is measured by the end-user experience.

It's not just performance or beautiful UI, it's really about how your customers perceive your services as a whole...