When Quality Matters
What We Do
Software Tools

Celarius specializes in Quality Assurance, with specific focus on Performance Testing, Performance Engineering, Test Automation and Test Management. Within the QA area we focus on the difficult, specialized and advanced cases, where conventional testing is not enough.

We have a Toolbox of highly specialized Custom Test Tools, which is primarily used when specialized testing is needed and conventional tools are not enough. This is often encountered when business processes are tested along with the actual platforms and software involved. Also a lot of industrial manufacturing plants require advanced and specialized testing.

We always thoroughly go through the systems under test, and report things like UI defects, Process and Security issues and anything else we can find that impact the Quality of the final products or Service.

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How we do it
Software Tools

When we approach a new project, we like to take a step back and view the complete scenario from afar. This way we are able to see the big picture, understand the business and plan a test scenario in the most effective manner.

The tools of our trade

For most of the testing we use industry standard tools from various vendors, and in advanced cases we have custom developed tools available. We can also develop new custom tools that enable us to do what is necessary for a succesful result.